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Kinesiology/Personal Training 

Did you know? Your extended benefits might cover your kinesio sessions. Check with your insurance or contact us for more information

**Accepting ICBC patients

Leg Injury

What is kinesiology? 

Kinesiology is the study of movement.


The kinesiology practice is very similar to that of a personal trainer or exercise physiologist. A session will involve utilizing personalized exercises to meet a client’s specific movement goals. This may range from rehabilitation exercise to sports performance.

Derek believes that appropriate exercise selection, technique, and programming can be beneficial regardless of any physical limitation.


Start the process by booking a 45-minute initial appointment which will include:

  • Interview/medical history/goal setting

  • Movement assessment

  • Short workout/exercise review

  • A coaching plan tailored to pursue your exercise goals!

Leg Injury

If you are interested in having a kinesio session in the comfort of your home, please contact me. 

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